“Boundless and free, like your imagination”

PUPPICAD is a free self-contained parametric geometry generator with a visual programming interface, created with the PUPPI and Helix3D Toolkits.

What can you do with PUPPICAD?

  • Create parametric CAD models based on complex rules or mathematical functions.
  • Process CAD models and extract data.
  • Create control panels with visual feedback directly on the canvas.
  • Optimization and iterative design.
  • Import and export 3D models in several popular file formats. 
  • Add new program features from an almost limitless source of free modules – .NET DLL files!
PUPPICAD Bargraph nodes

PUPPICAD Features:

  • Over 3000 different node types bundled, for visual programming, mathematics and computational geometry
  • Revolutionary self-arranging 3D visual programming canvas for maximum clarity and improved productivity
  • Many example programs and tutorials 
  • Easy to expand, can convert DLL files to visual programming nodes
  • And, did we mention, free?

More about PUPPICAD:

Watch tutorial videos here.

PUPPICAD can display animated gauge nodes

How to get PUPPICAD:

PUPPICAD is free to download and use. Please review the license agreement below and agree with the terms to reveal the download button.

Want to make your own?

PUPPICAD was created with the Parametric Universal Programming and Process Interface (PUPPI). PUPPI and PUPPICAD code are open source and available here.

Please give us some feedback!

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